Guyot Designs

Project Overview

Guyot Designs combines CEO Josh Guyot’s years of design experience with President Sloan Russell’s vision of environmental responsibility and corporate ethics to create a new type of outdoor design company. From the people who brought you that handy Nalgene accessory, the SplashGuard, Guyot Designs strives to incorporate sustainability by pairing their C-minus program and silicone based products with practical, camping-like designs. During our time on enchanting Deer Isle, we found that the colorful items fashioned by this small company embody the staffs’ playful yet sensible spirit.

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Location Map

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How to Help

Purchase: Visit their website for all product info.
Visit: Visit their website for more information.
Volunteer: Email them for current projects.


Location: Deer Isle
Contact: (207) 348-1030; or visit their website