Green Living Project™ (GLP) markets and promotes the projects it documents through the following series of multi-media event marketing channels. The purpose of each channel is to educate, inspire, and entertain individuals to communities on the importance and benefits of sustainable living. Ultimately, each of these channels allows GLP to reach a large targeted audience across North America and around the globe.

Started in 2009, GLP “Premieres” are signature multi-media entertainment events held at larger venues at select locations across North America. These Premieres are your opportunity not only to see an inspiring presentation featuring the projects from our latest Expeditions, but also to mix and mingle with your community, our event sponsors and the GLP Expedition team! Premieres feature free food and drinks, great raffle and door prizes, live music and more!

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Mobile Tour
Started in 2009, the GLP “Mobile Tour” is a popular and flexible grass-roots multi-media event tour that travels through large, medium, and small cities across North America. Venues for hosting the tour include top-tier regional festivals, trade shows, specialty retail stores, and schools (K-12, college) nationwide.

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San Francisco 2010:

Los Angeles 2009: