Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Project Overview

This woman-owned business, begun before eco-tourism or sustainability were even vague concepts, is showing how you can protect the rainforest, green the triple bottom line, and run a successful business all while living at a beautiful lodge in the Amazon. Guests are not roughing it in this resort and can feel like they’re part of the Cristalino family. All guides have an interesting story to tell as they point out butterflies, birds, and even jaguars to guests. Whether you’re lounging around or hiking all over the area, you may not realize that this resort is green and almost entirely self-sustainable with solar panels and grey-water systems on almost all of the buildings. Cristalino serves as a role model for the global tourism industry.

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Location Map

Cristalino Map - Click for larger image
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How to Help

Purchase: Buy local village products.
Donate: Support local guides, research, etc
Visit: Visit anytime of the year at the lodge.
Volunteer: Yes, lots of opportunities. Contact Alex.


Location: Alta Floresta, Brazil
Contact: Alex Da Riva