Maquipucuna Foundation

Project Overview

The Maquipucuna Lodge in Ecuador is a beautiful place with an array of activities for guests, but what’s behind the scenes makes it even more appealing to nature lovers. The lodge began over 20 years ago as a leap of faith to preserve its environment, but it must have been predestined for greatness–it’s done that and built up its community. Community development is as important as rainforest protection to Maquipucuna. The lodge has an ambitious plan to protect areas from the mangroves to the snowcapped mountains and everything in between, literally half of the country. The best part – it’s just crazy enough to work.

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Location Map

Maquipucuna Map - Click for larger image
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How to Help

Purchase: Buy local village products.
Donate: Support local guides, research, ecotourism
Visit: Visit anytime of year at the lodge.
Volunteer: Yes, lots of opportunities. Contact Rebeca.


Location: Northwest of Quito, Ecuador
Contact: Rebeca Justicia