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Project Overview

Meet Patricio De Leon, a 75-year-old man still working his land. He’s been making a living by harvesting and selling Brazil nuts for the past 60 years. Unlike other nuts, Brazil nuts thrive only in pristine, primary rainforests. Saving the Amazon is more than a wish for Patricio, it’s a way of life. Even during tough economic years, farmers like him weren’t willing to cut down the rainforest–they believe in their land and feel a strong connection to it. New residents from the Andes cause conflicts on property borders and climate change affects rainfall, but these farmers never give up hope. One organization, the Amazon Conservation Association, is on the front lines of the issue, working to keep people employed without compromising the rainforest, while using some cutting edge ideas to make the rainforest more valuable intact rather than cut down.


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Location: Puerto Maldonado, Peru
Contact: Gena Mavuli