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Resources and Tips


For Students — Resources to Create Your Film!

Downloads to include with your submission:
1. Download Green Living Project’s logo to insert at the end of your film: GLP Logo

2. Email to receive required Student Agreement and Participation form (aka Media Release form). This form must be signed and completed for submission to be considered.

Tips for Great Storytelling:
RESEARCH: find a unique and compelling story
CONTENT: clearly and creatively explain the project or issue
SOURCES: interview multiple sources/include multiple perspectives
ENGAGEMENT: offer a way for viewers to get involved beyond the film

Sample Videos:
1. Summer 2011 Student Film Project winner:
“Dirty Little Secret” by Samuel de-Castro Abeger, UCSB

2. Fall 2011 Student Film Project winner:
“Help Them L.A.S.T.—Love a Sea Turtle” by Casey Sokolovic, The Oakwood School, Greenville, NC


3. Green Living Project’s ACA Brazil Nuts video tells the story of 75-year-old Patricio De Leon in Peru, harvesting brazil nuts in the rainforest in a sustainable way, which allows him to earn a living while also protecting our natural resources.

4. Green Living Project’s Equilibrio Azul video documents the issue of over fishing in Ecuador, and the efforts of a marine conservation organization and their volunteers to educate and turn the tides on this issue.


For Educators — Resources to Share with Your Students!

1. Download and print the Student Film Project flier to post in your classroom or email out to your school network.


Student Film Project – Spring 2013

2. Show your students the Student Film Project promotional video (2 min.) to inspire their own ideas for storytelling.
“Student Film Project — Summary Reel”


Contact for questions regarding submissions, rules, resources or other concerns.

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