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Students Connecting to Global Sustainability


Green Living Project’s curriculum, “Students Connecting to Global Sustainability” uses multimedia and technology to bring unique sustainability-centered education into the classroom. This free resource features GLP’s sustainability films and interdisciplinary lessons for K-12 students.


When you sign up for GLP’s Education Program you receive a free PDF download of “Students Connecting to Global Sustainability” and our Education Newsletter to keep up to date with educational opportunities at GLP. Join us in our mission to educate and inspire!


Sign up for our Education Program to receive GLP’s Education Newsletter and a free PDF download of “Students Connecting to Global Sustainability.”


Green Living Project Welcomes Eco-Schools USA Participants!


Green Living Project has partnered with Eco-Schools USA to provide resources that help Eco- Schools USA participants complete their pathways to sustainability.  Check out how our curriculum aligns to Eco-Schools USA pathways!


Key Benefits:

* FREE access to unique lesson plans centered on real sustainability stories and access to over 60 GLP videos, plus photography and blogs from the field

* Lessons adaptable for almost any age or grade level, K-12

* Interdisciplinary–Wide range and variety of lessons for almost any subject (science, English, social studies, film, media production, business, journalism, etc.)

* Networking opportunities and education updates through the Education Program Newsletter

* Priority access to GLP opportunities for the classroom, including Mobile Tour presentations and student film contests, as well as teacher networking events nationwide via GLP Premieres and the Education Exchange.


Sample Lessons and Objectives:


South American Expedition Series (Brazil, Peru, Ecuador)

1. Sustainability in a Nutshell (Video: ACA Brazil Nuts)
Topics: Sustainability, environment, society and economics
Objectives: Students will obtain a basic understanding of sustainability and identify its components.

2. How Can We Include Sustainability in the Workplace? (Video: Cristalino Jungle Lodge)
Topics: Sustainability, eco-tourism, responsible business
Objectives: Students will engage in critical thinking and work together to brainstorm sustainable solutions for the work place.

3. Biodiversity Conference: How Should Land be Used in the Maquipucuna Reserve? (Video: Maquipucuna Foundation)
Topics: Science, Government, Conservation, Research, Politics, Writing, Multi-media
Objectives: Students will understand different perspectives and work together to reach a consensus on protecting environmental resources.

4. How Can We Clean Up the Community? (Video: Equilibrio Azul)
Topics: Conservation, Community involvement, volunteering, research, marketing
Objectives: Students will research and plan their own community service project based on their interests and the needs of the community and local environment.

Maine Expedition Series (lessons geared towards K-5)

1. What’s for Lunch? Finding Pesticides in the Food Chain (Video: Primo Restaurant)
Topics: Sustainability, pesticides, organic produce, food web or food chain
Goals: Students will discover how pesticides move through the environment and the importance of organic foods.

2. Where Does Our Waste Go? Let’s Talk Trash! (Video: The Maine Compost School)
Topics: Sustainability, composting, landfills and decomposition, recycling
Goals: Students will learn what happens to our trash, how long it takes everyday materials to break down, and the importance of recycling.

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