Why Now Is The best time to be a Locavore

August 22, 2011

By now most people have heard of the popular trend of “buying local” goods and services as a great way to make a positive impact on your local economy and as a way to boost regional sustainability.  Well, now with the continuing economic volatility there are more reasons than ever to become full fledged “locavore”.

Here are 5 wonderful ways to make the leap to local:
1.) Open a bank account with a local credit union.
Credit unions have a practice of supporting small business and generally aren’t plagued by the high profile scandals affecting big finance.
2.) Plant a nice garden.
Most folks have way more sod than necessary why not sheet mulch your grass and plant permaculture designed food forest instead.
3.) Know your farmer.
The best place to meet a lot of farmers is of course at the farmer’s market.  If you build relationships with local farmers this leads to great local resiliency and possibly great deals for you down the road.
4.)  Educate yourself on local resource and skill sharing.
We all have something to share whether it’s tools, skills, or rooms or land and there lots of online platforms to help make this easier, take a look at shareable.net to find the latest sharing developments.
5.) Learn to frement, brew, and preserve food.
Bartering home-brew, kim-chi, or preserves is a great way to not only meet other domestic food enthusiast, but also for getting goods and services with in your local vicinity.  Punk domestics is a perfect place to start for ideas and recipes.
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